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It’s time for a brand new TasteMaker. And we’re very excited. Meet Chiara, an illustrator, calligrapher, designer and founder of Lamplighter London.

She’s worked with some massive brands, royal families and now us! Over the past few months she helped us bring two brand new machines, JoviaTM and ObloTM, to life. Set with the challenge of writing with coffee, Chiara has crafted two beautiful fonts to match their personalities. But more about that later.

Take it away Chiara.


Home: London

Occupation: Designer

Machine: JoviaTM

Flavour: Espresso

Where does the name Lamplighter come from?

I chose Lamplighter because it was my favourite poem from a Robert Louis Stevenson poetry book that my mum and I used to read. It was passed down from my Nana and it's very special to me.

What inspires you?

I'm really inspired by the sea and nature. Last year I travelled to South America, and took loads of inspirations from patterns, culture and landscape.

So, we’ve heard you worked with royalty! What was that like?

As you can imagine it was quite exciting producing calligraphy on beautiful cards, with an embossed Royal emblem. It was a very fast turnaround on hundreds of envelopes and cards going out to all sorts of important people all over the world.

Where does your love of coffee come from?

Having Italy in my blood means I've always been around coffee, with my Italian family drinking sweet black shots of espresso many times a day! My Dad had a coffee shop in Harpenden where I worked as a barista for a few years. I loved making pretty coffees, and I always decorated the chalkboards - you can see what that started!


Get your hands on a beautiful one-off poster designed by Chiara, using one of the two fonts she has created. Simply share your favourite quote or motivational saying and choose which machine suits you best. Chiara will choose her 5 favourite quotes and turn them into exclusive posters which you can hang up at home.

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