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Your next installment is here. There’s more from our chat with Chiara, a new prize draw for you to enter and some top tips from our TasteMaker for you to try at home.


Home: London

Occupation: Calligrapher

Machine: JoviaTM

Flavour: Espresso

Catch Up With Chiara
What’s your daily routine like?

I live quite close to my studio in East London, so it's not too much of an early start! I make a green juice every morning, then cycle in, spending the first hour replying to emails, having a coffee, and a quick bite to eat. The studios are really creative and it's good to bounce ideas and business with other young start ups.

What's been your favourite project so far?

I feel very lucky getting briefs with complete creative freedom, so it’s hard to choose. For instance, this week I'm working on botanical drawings and tie-dye wedding invitations, designing some calligraphy to be embossed on leather notebooks, temporary tattoo designs and most importantly working on my baby of the moment - my modern calligraphy workshops which start next month. It's an exciting time.

You sound very busy! What do you do to unwind?

When I get time, I choose to relax close to home - favourite restaurants and drinks with my partner and friends, visiting my little sisters, practising yoga, or reading - I have a great stack of books next to my bed which I need to crack on with!

So you’ve been helping us develop some fonts to bring Jovia and Oblo to life. How did you come up with them?

I was given Jovia and Oblo’s personality traits to work with as well as developing shapes and patterns from the machines themselves. It was really fun and the end product works well, especially written in coffee!


We’ve asked Chiara to show us how to line an envelope. Here she's using hand marbled paper. It’s a great idea that gives a personalised edge to your invites and thank you letters and it’s pretty easy to do too.

1. Choose the paper you want to line the envelope with – Chiara recommends choosing something with an interesting pattern or bright colour.

2. Open the envelope and trace its shape. Then with a craft knife carefully cut it out, making the total height a bit shorter than the full envelope, so it can slot in nicely.

3. Insert your liner into the envelope, and holding the bottom half in place, gently fold the top half over on the crease.

4. Run an adhesive tape over the edges of the diamond flap, and press back into shape. Finish with a final crease on the closed envelope so it sits well.

And that's all there is to it.

Love By The Moon

We’ve got a brand new prize draw: 5 lucky winners will have a blackboard designed by Chiara.

To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is enter the prize draw below.

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