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Andy Mil

We’re celebrating the start of the holiday season with a brand new TasteMaker. Ladies and Gents, meet Andy Mil, a cocktail shaking whizz kid who’s the mixologist behind some of the best bars and drinks in the capital.

This month he’s helping us get in the party spirit by creating some delicious coffee infused mocktails for you to test out at home. Plus, you could be in with a chance of having Andy create your very own signature mocktail.

Take it away Andy

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Name: Andy Mil

Home: London

Occupation: Mixologist

Machine: Oblo

Flavour: Espresso

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Get To Know Andy
Where does your love for mixology come from?

I love cooking, but I also really love making people feel welcome. I felt cocktails were the perfect way to fit both those things: playing with flavours and creating delicious combos all whilst getting to know and take care of my customers.

Get To Know Andy
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What's your favourite cocktail?

I love a good Manhattan but my guilty pleasures have to be Mojitos and Espresso Martinis. Delicious!

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Which are the best coffees to make mocktails with?

The Ristretto has an amazingly good roast. When you drink it, or even smell it, you feel like you’re driving through a coffee roasting warehouse. I also love a good Chai Tea Latte, it has an amazing balance of spice, but with winter and Christmas on the cards, flavour of the month for me has to be the Chococino: that’s a seriously good winter warmer.

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What’s the coolest place you’ve worked at?

It would have to be my pride and joy The Cocktail Trading Co. However, Steam and Rye and The London Cocktail Club are very strong contenders.

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You must have made drinks for some famous people. Who was your favourite?

Yeah, I’ve been lucky enough to make cocktails for plenty of celebrities but the best for me was Stephen Fry. He’s a real gent.

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Your Name In Ice

Well, almost. This Christmas we’re giving you the chance to have your own signature mocktail created by our TasteMaker.

Tell us your favourite Dolce Gusto® drink, describe yourself in three words and you could become the muse behind Andy’s next mocktail. If you’re our winner, you’ll have a mocktail created especially for you and will receive all the ingredients, pods and glasses you need
to make it at home.

If that wasn’t enough, Andy is about to open a new bar in London and the winning recipe will take pride of place on his new menu.

So, are you a sweet drink, or a more intense one?

T&C’s apply. Ends 17.12.14

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Get Shaking

Entertaining this December? Then these drinks are just perfect: Andy’s created some mouth-watering concoctions infused with Dolce Gusto® coffees for you to test out with your machine at home.

1 Chococino pod.
15g (1 tbsp) of chocolate sauce.
6 mint leaves.
5g (1 tsp) spoon of light vanilla ice cream.
Optional: 5g (1 tsp) whipped cream.

Add all the contents to a shaker,
shake and pour into a fun glass.

Garnish with whipped cream and a mint sprig.

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